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Why choose EURO TOURS for rentals of cars/minibus/bus in Treviso-Venice-Padua ?

The rental service with driver is closely related to the place of departure and/or destination of a journey because of the transport cost without people on board, that shall inevitably reflected in the cost of service.
For this reason , EUROTOURS is competitive only if the place of departure – or destination – is next to our office.
Be wary of websites offering bus rental, minibus hire, bus rental, bus rental service throughout all Italy: brokers increase the sale price with their commission (often more than 20%), they do not know exactly which bus and driver will be allocated, and – most importantly – they are intermediaries.

Do you have a double deck bus with 70/75 seats?

The capacity of our vehicles are max 57 seats, as well as the hostess and driver seat.
For a larger number of people, you need to hire more vehicles with different capabilities.
Check our availability under Fleet Section.

How many hours a driver can drive per day?

The hours of daily driving of a driver are 9 with intermediate pauses every 4 ½ hours driving. For more details and information on exemptions , please refer to this document.

Does the driver speak a foreign language?

Let us present your requirements in the request for a quote: we will provide you a quotation with driver English speaking.

Who pays the cost of meals and lodging of the driver?

We will agree at the inquiry stage the best solution that fit your needs (at group’s charge, lump sum, etc..)

Are fees and parking pass for the restricted traffic areas included in he quoted price?

The price does not include the pass to entry in the city of Venice (ZTL, limited traffic zone) and parks, that will be paid directly by the group or agreed in advance with our administrative office. For more information on the cost of the pass for the LTZ in Venice click here.

Can I cancel my reservation without paying a penalty ?

Your reservation may be canceled at no cost if cancellation is made 48 hours before the scheduled date.

What should you do in case of lost items inside the vehicles ?

In case of loss of property, please send an e-mail containing a description of the lost object and the voyage addressed to info@euro-tours.it

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